Clear quartz are the most powerful healing crystals and energy amplifier on this earth, working at a vibrational level to cleanse, absorb, store, release and regulates specific energies. Clear Quartz stimulates your Crown Chakra allowing you to vibrate your seven chakra centers simultaneously while maintaining perfect alignment and granting you insight into your true self. This is a great stone to use during your meditations, spiritual baths or your own personal spiritual practices. As it unlocks memories, promotes concentration, enhances your psychic abilities and aligns you to your spiritual purpose.  

Clear Quartz

  • There are many ways you can expierence the powerful energy of your crystal. Simply hold in your hand or place it in your pocket or bag/purse. You can wear it as a powerful jewelry piece or display it somewhere special in your home, car or office. As long as you are near your crystal you will feel its powerful energy, the closer you are the stronger the connection.

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