Citrine is a powerful abundance and cleansing stone that releases negative traits and feelings, allowing you to move into the flow of your feelings and become emotionally balanced. Carrying the power of the sun, Citrine energizes and cleanse every aspect in your life and teaches you how to manifest. Citrine stimulates your Solar plexus activating your creativity and self expression, while enhancing your individuality and self confidence. This is a great crystal to use during your meditations, spiritual practices and in all your business ventures as it aligns you to wealth, prosperity and success.



  • There are many ways you can expierence the powerful energy of your crystal. Simply hold in your hand or place it in your pocket or bag/purse. You can wear it as a powerful jewelry piece or display it somewhere special in your home, car or office. As long as you are near your crystal you will feel its powerful energy, the closer you are the stronger the connection.

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