Our Chakra Healing Box includes a 15 min consultation with our spiritual advisor identifying your healing needs. Your hand painted wooden box is then filled with (2) of our top selling Chakra Healing Candles, (2) healing crystals, (1) Palo Santo, (1) Love Goddess Herbal Bath Blend, (1) Rose water and (1) journal. Lots of love and healing energy is poured into your box and a few custom designs are added to your box, before it is charged and ready for you.


Your box is designed based on your energy needs created after your consultation either by phone, email or in person. Normal processing time for Healing Boxes to be shipped out are 2-4 weeks.


Each healing box is created different and customized upon purchase. You may request initials and/or symbols on your box during consultation(although not guaranteed).

Chakra Healing Box