Carnelian is a stabilizing stone with high energy, grounding and anchoring you to your present reality. Carnelian stimulates your Sacral Chakra restoring your vitality, giving you courage to rekindling passions that may have faded. This is a great stone to use in your meditations, spiritual baths or other spiritual practices as it invigorates your mind and body stimulating creativity for your new pursuits.Your carnelian stone is powerful enough to cleanse itself as well as other crystals near it.


  • There are many ways you can expierence the powerful energy of your crystal. Simply hold in your hand or place it in your pocket or bag/purse. You can wear it as a powerful jewelry piece or display it somewhere special in your home, car or office. As long as you are near your crystal you will feel its powerful energy, the closer you are the stronger the connection.

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