Abalone Shell 

This beautiful Abalone Shell is a connection to the spirit of the ocean, and is used for clearing and cleansing the energies within your space and emotional life. The mystical Abalone carries energies of protection and emotional balance, bringing with it a natural shielding that blesses the person holding it with tranquility. It is especially helpful for those going through emotional turmoil, by enhancing peace, love and compassion within them. Abalone shells also have properties that connect you to your crown, third eye and heart chakras.  

Abalone Shell

  • To perform a cleansing ritual, you’ll need a bundle of dried sage or loose leaf ( Smudging Sets are available) along with your abalone shell. Begin by, lighting the sage and allow the abalone to catch the falling ash. Use a feather or your hand to send the smoke over your body, from your feet to your head and back down to your feet again. Visualize your spirit being cleansed of all the toxic energy clinging to it. Then cleanse entrance, which helps to ward off any negative vibes that can come through the entranceways. Work your way through your home and the rooms clockwise, making sure to be extra thorough in corners, doorways, windows and closets, which accumulate more toxic energy than other areas. As you do this, repeat the mantra: “I invoke the spirits of Air, Earth, Fire and Water to cleanse this space and bless it with positive healing.

  • You can practice this ritual at any time, but it is keenly helpful to rid negative energy after an argument, when moving into a new home, returning home from travels or places where there were crowds, before meditation or spiritual work.

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