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Crystal Grids

Aloha My Beautiful Souls!

It's #crystalclearmonday and I love making #crystalgrids.


Crystal grids are powerful energy tools used to amplify the power of your #intentions. Crystal grids are easy to create, but the key is setting the right Intentions. Oh and making sure your crystals are facing the right direction. The power of crystal grids comes from the union of all crystals working together to create a powerful vibration, which enhances the energy surrounding it.


Each crystal grid should have a central crystal. This is the main crystal that you are trying to amplify. For example if you are making a #crystalgrid for #abundance, the central crystal should be an #abundance crystal, such as #Citrine or #Pyrite


You will also need supporting crystals to expand and amplify the energy of our central crystal. #clearquartz are the best supporting crystals, because they are #energyamplifiers. You can you a combination of different supporting crystals like #greenaventurine to give your abundance grid a powerful boost.


Get creative when designing your grid, always follow your #intuition and focus on your Intentions. You want to place your central crystal in the center and the supporting crystals around it. You can create any pattern you like, research a specific #gridpattern for your desired needs or use a #sacredgeometry pattern for a more powerful connection.

You can point your crystals in several directions; spiral, inward, outward,etc. However it's important to keep in mind, that when the supportive crystals are faced inward towards the central crystal you are sending energy towards your central crystal. This direction is great for when you are releasing negative energies. When the supportive crystals are faced outward away from the central crystal, you are sending that energy outward towards yourself and your environment.


Be sure to cleanse your grid with your favorite #smudging tools and set clear Intentions for what you wish this this grid to assist you with. Active your grid by directing the energy how you want it to flow by pointing or using another crystal. 💎

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