February 2019 Horoscopes

February is here my beautiful souls and it's taking you on a emotional roller coaster bringing up emotions surrounding love, commitment and family. There is a lot of work that you will have to do in order to be ready to handle the abundance of emotions that's heading your way. This will require you to take a deep look within to see what all baggage you are carrying around that needs to be released. You can't take all of this baggage with you on your new path, so get ready for some early spring cleaning. Release pain, betrayal, and disappointment, because this change and transformation is happen within how you love yourself and others. It's also important that you go with the flow this February as you get in tune with your emotions, learning what it is you desire and what your boundaries are.


Loving yourself first!

Aquarius you have been shot by cupid's arrow and the love of your life is YOU, but what did you expect? You asked for this amazing love to come into your life and reawaken your heart and love for life itself and only you can do that. This February you can expect a transformation within you life and within your heart, you may be guided to release certain people and/or thoughts and patterns. Trust your intuition and listen to you inner guidance as you are being shown who/what is preventing you from receiving the love you truly desire and deserve. You may also be faced with old feelings coming up surrounding love and family, these old emotions are resurfacing so that you can heal from and release them. This month you will also be challenged with finding peace within your solitude, within this solitude you will find the love you've been seeking all along. 


Contemplating A New Lover!


Aries you are looking good and feeling great this February,

embracing your independence and focusing upon your goals and how you can achieve them. This is opening you up to new partnerships in romance as well as in business. But are you ready? Is this truly what you want? This month you will be faced with the decision whether or not to accept these new partnerships. Take time to go within, listen to your intuition and contemplate which decision will led you to victory. But don't stay in contemplation too long, you might miss out on something beautiful.


Finding Your Purpose!

Taurus your whole life is getting ready to change, shifting you to your purpose. Whether this purpose is to start your own business or to start a creative project you will be victorious in your endeavors. You will discover this February that what you thought was your purpose no longer serves you, nor brings you the passion it once did. This is because your true purpose is now ready to be discovered and fulfilled. Allow thing to naturally unfold this February. Go with the flow, rest and retreat, and listen to your heart as it shows you what truly brings purpose to your life.


Finding Your Balance!

Gemini you are desiring love this February, and you shall receive it. Only thing is you will have to let go of your ideal image of what love is as February is bringing you a new meaning of love. These lessons in love is going to provide you with all the tools and healing you need to 

prepare you for a beautiful birthday surprise. Within this new love lesson you will learn about balance. How to find and create balance within your life. How to balance your love, learning how to equally give and receive love. Most importantly you will learn how to balance yourself. This balance is bringing you oneness within everything. All of these lessons are opening you up and aligning you to a beautiful balanced love, which is what you truly desire. 


Stepping Into Your Abundance!

Cancer you are cutting through all the bullshit that's standing between you and your abundance this February. But be careful, you don't want to get scissor happy and cut out your blissings. It is important for you understand what you are cutting

out and why. You can also expect some help from the universe in removing what you tried to hid and hold on too. This month stand firm within your truth, and continue to strive forward towards the finish line no matter what. You are so close, don't allow yourself to get stuck crying over all that you had to sacrifice to get what you truly desire. It is all worth it in the end.


Surrendering Your False Mask!

Libra you are slowly but surely making progress along your journey. You are being called and guided to your abundance. Will you hear

your calling and accept it? It is important that you are listening and 

trusting the guidance you receive

this month. February is a period of surrender for you, requiring you to surrender your old life for your new one. Surrendering your expectations and need to control the who, what, when, where and how of your manifestation. Surrendering your

lies and sneaky behavior, including

lying to yourself. What is hidden 

shall come to light. 


Freeing Yourself!

Leo February is going to have you all in your feelings, as you try to follow your passions, which are trying to led you to a beautiful journey. But there's a disconnect 

between your passions and emotions. The key is balancing your emotions with your passions. You will receive clarity of what your passions are and how they make you feel. Get in tuned with your emotions and understand how she flows. This is important because, you can easily get trapped in

codependency, when you're not aware of the ebb and flow of your own emotions. The balance that February is brings will free you, 

bringing you unity.


Balancing Love and Career!

Scorpio now is the perfect time to go for what it is you desire. But first you must decide what it is you truly desire. Not to worry, February is here to help you discover what your true desires are, and how to balance them into your life. It is important that you learn how to balance and align your desires so that you don't 

become overwhelmed and frustrated, causing you to lose them. February will make sure you are balancing what you are giving with what you are receiving, especially within your love and career. You will also learn to stand your ground, and not allow others to easily knock you off your pedestal. 


Learning To Enjoy Yourself!


Virgo you are embarking upon a new journey and this requires you to let your past go and focus on the road ahead. February will be a time for you to have fun, celebrate and reunite with friends and family. Do not allow your past to keep you from celebrate your future. Take time to meditate and/or pray to find your inner peace and joy. It is time to be

assertive within your life and speak

up on how you truly feel and what brings you joy. Visualize your bright,

fun filled future and release all the pain and worry from the heart so that you can heal and move on. Allow this joy to expand your heart, making you feel like a kid again.


Surrendering All Worries

Sagittarius STOP worrying so much.  Your worries are causing anxiety, 

blocking your blissings and keeping you up at night. There are many new passions and opportunities heading your way and you will have several options to choice from this month. But be careful, some are illusions, so trust your intuition and walk away from everything that is blocking you from your success and abundance, including worry. February is bringing you clarity and guidance, so trust that you have nothing to worry about. Surrender to your higher-self (intuition) and allow her/him to take the wheel, and lead you to your destiny.


Releasing Addictions!

Capricorn you are changing directions, but you must have a clear head and listen to know where to go from there. This month is urging you to cleanse and detoxify your body and life, this is in preparation for your new life full of victory,

success and recognition. February will be full of celebration, fun and 

good time with good friends. But try not to let that all that fun get to head, or over indulge in toxic behaviors, because there's still work  to do.  You will also be in a period of creativity this month, which is why it's important for you to keep a clear level head, remain grounded and down to earth.


Determination Leads The Way!

Pisces you're contemplating your next move and this is the month for you to make a decision on which way you want to go. February will bring you new passions to spark a fire within, causing you to take action and follow your heart. Allow your determination to drive you forward along your journey, trust yourself and don't worry. Your intuition is clear and will help you in determining where to go and what to leave behind as you prepare for your beautiful new life. Once you take that first step and live in your purpose, your whole life will change taking you in new directions.