What Are Chakras?

Chakra translates to "wheel" or 'Disc" in ancient Sanskrit. There are 7 major Chakra systems that run along the base of the spine to the top of the crown. Chakras are energy systems within our body that helps control and regulate our body systems, including our organ and

 immune systems, as well as our spiritual and emotional systems. Our Chakras spin with the flow of energy within us, that energy is then transmitted to other Chakra system, where it is then expressed. A healthy Chakra system spins clockwise, allowing an easy flow of energy helping you reach higher levels of consciousness. An unhealthy Chakra system causes blocks, preventing the energy from freely flowing throughout your body which in results in Dis-Ease. We are all spiritual being comprised of energy as well as everything surround us.



Location: Base of spine

Element: Earth

Sound: Lam

Color: Red

The Muladhara (root) chakra is a four petaled lotus energy center, acting as a windmill producing, transmitting and grounding energy. Muladhara means base of support. Often called “Root chakra”, it relates to the material realm and is considered the foundation of your energy body. A healthy Root chakra creates the basic requirements for your growth and expansion, such as stability, and safety. This is the starting point in your spiritual development, as your Kundalini (consciousness) allowing a easy flow of energies, giving you more energy and allowing your manifestations to enter the physical world.



Location: Below the navel

Color: Orange

Element: Water

Sound: Vam

The Svadhishthana (Sacral) chakra is a six petal lotus energy center, acting as a windmill producing and transmitting energy. Svadhishthana means inner dwelling place. Often called the “Sacral chakra”, the Svadhishthana deals with the emotional world and is considered the center of sensual experience and pleasure. This energy center allows you to experience life through feelings and sensations. When your Svadhishthana is balanced it provides you with creativity, fluidity and empowerment. Recognize your sexuality as one of your most powerful creative energies, allowing you to experience the joys of life.



Location: Above the navel

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Sound: Ram

The Manipura (Solar Plexus) chakra is a ten petal lotus energy center, acting as a windmill producing and transmitting energy. Manipura means city of gems. Often called the Solar Plexus chakra, it targets the relationship with yourself, your self-esteem and your self-worth, unlocking your personal power and how to use it in healthy ways. Your Manipura can become blocked by shame, causing you to feel powerless and often like a victim lowering your self-esteem. A healthy Solar Plexus activates your creativity and self expression, while enhancing your individuality and self confidence.



Location: Heart Center

Color: Green

Element: Air

Sound: Yam

The Anahata (Heart) chakra is a twelve petal lotus energy center, acting as a windmill producing and transmitting energy. Anahata means unstruck. Often called the “Heart chakra” it deals with Love, compassion and forgiveness, opening your heart to self-love and self-acceptance. Your Anahata can become blocked by grief, causing you to feel either controlled or controlling in relationships, or having inappropriately strong emotional responses to everyday external stimuli. When your Anahata is balanced you are able to control what you embrace and resist, allowing you to understand your own needs and emotions clearly.



Location: Throat center

Color: Blue

Element: Space

Sound: Ham

The Vishuddha (Throat) chakra is a sixteen petal lotus energy center, acting as a windmill producing and transmitting energy. Vishuddha means purification. Often called the “Throat Chakra” it deals with the voice of your body, in essence it is like a pressure valve allowing energy from other chakras to be expressed. Your Vishuddha can become blocked by lies causing you to be afraid to speak up and say what you want or feel. When your Vishuddha is balanced it allows you to express yourself honestly and clearly in any situation with confidence, discernment and purity. Allowing you to bring your personal truth out into the world.



Location: Between the brows

Color: Indigo

Element: Space

Sound: Om

The Ajna (Third Eye) chakra is a two petal lotus energy center, acting as a windmill producing and transmitting energies. Ajna means wisdom. Often called the “Third Eye Chakra” it is the center of your perception and command, directing your sight and everyday awareness of the world. Our consciousness is located here, and we relate to ourselves through this chakra. When your Ajna is balanced your thoughts and internal communications within yourselves are healthy and vibrant and you can control the flow of energy within all your chakras.



Location: Crown of the head

Color: Violet

Element: Space

Sound: So Ham

The Sahasrara (Crown) chakra is a thousand petal lotus energy center, acting as a windmill producing and transmitting energy. Sahasrara means infinite. Often called the “Crown Chakra” it is your gateway to the expanded universe beyond your body, connecting you to higher planes of existence. Your Sahasrara can become blocked by ego attachment, causing you to experience loneliness and meaningless.When your Sahasrara is balanced so are your energies, you are aligned to the source of universal energy and truth allowing you to see things as they are. It is responsible for your spirituality, belief systems, revelations, divine consciousness, and enlightenment.